Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Reply to Alicia

This is a reply to my dear friend Alicia who asked how my summer has been. So everyone knows, it has been great. I have been flying throughout the world saving children from math facts poverty and showering skittles on unsuspecting hungry hikers. I also got to enjoy the beauty of nature when I hiked in Arches National Park and camped in the La Sal Mountains. I have hung out with my many friends: Delicate Daisy, Curtina the Chaste, Nancy the Nun, Alicia of course, and Harry the Hamburger. There has been no sign of my nemesis, Spirited Woman or Reese's man. All is good!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A new kind of heroics

I have to say, even skittles boy was not ready for this summer's summer job. It's not like I haven't ever helped someone with math before, but Greg was a new kind of case for me. I got a job tutoring at the local junior high and found more than I had bargained for. I found a type of heroism that I only hope I can achieve. I've fought so many battles but none of them compare to Least Common Denominator.
I get to help about twenty students that failed math last year try to understand math this summer. It's extremely difficult considering a lot of these kids have never gotten any one on one help. Greg is one of the students I get to help, and he has so much trouble with fractions. I will admit sometimes they have even me stumped! I try to explain fractions and the infamous Least Common Denominator to Greg in fifty different ways, visual, audio, hands on. I tried everything I could think of. I didn't feel very super when I found that this guy just couldn't understand. I feel like I'm fighting an uphill battle and keep sliding down backwards. I did find out, however, that he understands how to use a calculator quite well. He might not be coming back to summer school for the rest of the summer because I think his hours at summer school are completed. I only hope I helped Greg a little bit. It seems like these kids just never have anyone show them compassion. I just wish I could help all of them, completely, today. It turns out even super heroes find things that they can't do today, and that they don't know if they'll be able to do at all. It is so hard.