Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fighting for what you believe

Sometimes we feel persecuted for what we believe. I feel persecuted often for my belief that skittles are happy candies. Many people say, "skittles are bad for the soul, and the body." Those people, I have concluded, are deluded. When you are faced with something that challenges your beliefs, do not back down, you are not alone.You should stand up for your religious beliefs if by chance you are ridiculed for your beliefs. I'm not just talking religion though. If you think that something is wrong, the only one who can fix it is you. Violence however will rarely solve the problem whereas diplomacy and the power of speech quite often will. You might not fix the problem but maybe you can help to become the solution later. Good luck, and good night!


We all know that certain people have the ability to give us light. Others certainly try to take it away. Each day we receive and we lose light. We continually get brighter or dimmer, stronger or weaker, warmer or colder. It does not matter what we do we will not, can not, and dare not stay where we are. Those who are under that delusion are kidding themselves to a level that is incomprehensible. We move forward or we don't. I think the important thing is to move forward or certainly we will move backwards and eventually fall. We can gain light, move forward, grow stronger through the influence of others around us. Certainly though, there are people who simply decide to be brighter and then act on the decision. Those people are the people who give us light.