Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spirited Woman strikes again

I was just walking today and who should appear but Spirited Woman and her sidekick Gregarious Girl. They were talking about women problems and I accidentally said something very unbecoming of my super self. Instead of forgiving me for being human, a duel ensued. They teamed up together and I got the thrashing of my life. My left skittle is still hurting. Not only was my body hurt but my pride and reputation suffered. Who will assist the world in skittle happiness now that I have been slandered? I feel more demeaned than Nixon after Watergate. What is a hero supposed to do when such a thing happens? Let me know!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A fun poem about life

Not only am I a super hero, but I sometimes write poetry. I thought I'd share this poem.

To be Human

Have you felt happy to be you?
I hope you have, it’s the best!
You know you were chosen for now,
today, to help someone in need of you.

Do you ever feel alone?
I hope not, but most do.
You feel like no one understands, and
you may be right, but I doubt it.
Have you ever felt love?
Love so strong, tears coursed
down, along your cheeks, tracing
trails once carved only by sorrow.

Do you ever feel loss?
A loved one, gone seemingly
forever, but not, for they’re in
your heart, framed forever.

Do you ever feel smart?
The world can’t bring you down,
or so you think, until she says
‘How dumb’ and then you think the same.

Do you ever feel life?
Vibrant as night life in a large city,
Flowing through the world, helping
you to feel like a human,
part of the world, part of something big.

How can you say you’re human, if
never having experienced these, you
don’t know how to feel?
I say you can’t, because you’re not.

Humans feel happy, alone, love, loss,
smart. They feel life penetrating
every pore, every opening, every particle,
telling them, ‘You’re alive.’

Friday, March 21, 2008

An encounter with Spirited Woman

It is not often that a young, good-looking superhero such as myself can find a good party with many young, good looking supergirls. But this night was such a night, and my friends Sully Sewerman and Jukebox Joe were there too. We began by playing the usual spin the bottle with the young supergirls (did I forget good-looking?). Ok, so we played Disney Scene-it, so what? Close enough, right? Anyways, this supergirl named Spirited Woman began to argue with me about whether spirits or skittles were a cooler super power. Of course I said, skittles are cooler, because how else could you taste the rainbow. She argued that spirits were more spirited than skittles. I don't really understand her. It is difficult sometimes to understand young, good-looking super girls, and this was such a time. I had no way of outwitting her and so I shut my mouth. Isn't that a grand idea? I certainly think so. Please vote on your favorite superhero.

Monday, March 17, 2008

A brief introduction to Skittles Boy

A few years ago, I was talking to a very close friend of mine and we both decided to come up with super hero names. She decided her super hero name would be Super Junior Mint and I decided I would be her sidekick Skittles Boy. My powers soon became evident as the years passed (really as my imagination made them up). I spread joy to the world by giving everyone sweet things to eat and stopping the spread of world hunger and starvation. While I think this still very important, I think the best place to start is in my home town of Manhattan, Kansas. Today, I decided it would be a wonderful idea to give a bucket full of sweet starbursts (I know not skittles, dang it) to Alicia. Alicia has been my friend for quite some time and I thought she needed something sweet, so I took my sidekick Harry the Hamburger. On our way we encountered many things that obstructed our path of righteousness and justice. First off, Harry's step mom needed her cell phone. We drove a truck to the nearest gas station and found his step mom waiting inside a broken down van. As we began to open the door to give her the cell phone, my arch nemesis Reeses man stepped out and started some wicked kung fu. After a right upper cut to my jaw, Harry the Hamburger tackled reeses man and we could finally give the cell phone to Harry's step mother. Our other obstacles while not as physical were no less demanding. We ran into brain farts as to how to get to Alicia's house, and we suffered through country music. In the end, Harry and I were triumphant and gave Alicia the much needed sweets, I hope she enjoys them. We then spent some time speaking with Jillian the Jellohanded and decided to have a party, hopefully it's a success.