Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Internal Conflicts

Have you ever felt like you're not good enough? Well, for me that's not even really a question. Have I felt like I'm not good enough, at 3:00 in the afternoon I hardly ever feel good enough. No seriously, I am feeling really inferior lately and then I start to take it out on others. It's not a good feeling and I know it's because I have eaten more skittles than I've given out. Sometimes I feel like there's a super villain inside me who swears, fights, and lives only for himself, and then there's skittles boy fighting to stay alive and vanquish the foe. I always ask myself: "Which one will win?" I think we decide that each day, and today my super villain was definitely winning.
I do have to tell everyone about someone whom I have just met. Her name is Liz the lioness, and no this has nothing to do with that silly poll I had on here (it's a mere coincidence, hmph! How dare you think I do polls for ideas). She is definitely a super hero not to mention a super hero woman. She is one of those people who bestows good on everyone and everyone likes to be around her. I got to taste some of her goodness literally when she helped me out a few days ago. I had been feeling down and out (probably some kryptonite again) when Liz brought me some delectable skittles. She knew I needed them and brought them to me when I needed them most.
She is a wonderful person and I want to be the kind of hero she is someday.


Phases said...

I like her (at least from description). We all have our personal villians and our own personal heroes. As the old saying goes, "You're your own worst enemy." Same goes for superheroes, and there is nothing that says just because they are "super human" doesn't mean they aren't "human." Humans make mistakes, do things they know aren't good, and still they will fight to keep going.
I know a super hero I want to emulate. He's willing to admit when he is wrong, always listens to other people's ideas, even if he doesn't agree with them, and most importantly, thinks of others before himself. He also happens to bring joy to people around him, and he DEFINITELY feels inferior sometimes. The thing is, he always gets up, brushes himself off, and goes again.

Alicia/ JL said...

I feel the same way. I think sometimes we just kind of let Satan creep in with those nasty thoughts. I know I do. I just have to remember that Im my best cheerleader. We learned in 7th grade to look in the mirror and yell "Im the man/woman" every day. It makes a huge difference, you can try it next time youre feeling down.:)