Sunday, September 7, 2008


We all know that certain people have the ability to give us light. Others certainly try to take it away. Each day we receive and we lose light. We continually get brighter or dimmer, stronger or weaker, warmer or colder. It does not matter what we do we will not, can not, and dare not stay where we are. Those who are under that delusion are kidding themselves to a level that is incomprehensible. We move forward or we don't. I think the important thing is to move forward or certainly we will move backwards and eventually fall. We can gain light, move forward, grow stronger through the influence of others around us. Certainly though, there are people who simply decide to be brighter and then act on the decision. Those people are the people who give us light.

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Phaser said...

I really like this post, skittlesboy. I love how you spoke more about the light in people and not so much on the concept of light. I agree with you, that there are people who we want to be around because they give light; you are definitely one of those light givers, although you may not realize it. By the way, I received an email question that pertains to you.