Tuesday, October 7, 2008


In our changing world, friendships are one of the few things that we hope stays the same; however, they often change or end. Friendships often change for the better, occasionally for the worse, and hopefully infrequently end. I have been in the superhero business for about 5 years and I think that during that time I have experienced many kinds of friends. I would like to classify them below:

1. The today friend: This friend is so awesome while you have them. You might feel rather close to them. For reasons you can not always know or predict, the friendship ends suddenly and sometimes violently. Afterwards, you always think of the good times you had with this friend. For example, I once had a friend named M&M man. We were really close friends because of the Superhero Association we both belonged to. We went on many missions together, but he had been dating a Susan the Super steadily. I advised him to break up when I realized Susan had been taken over by spirited woman. Another friend did as well. M&M man broke off the relationship, but when Susan reappeared she held him and me accountable. M&M man and I stayed friends but because we pursued different interests (I the superhero charity league, and he the superhero olympic team; both suitable interests) we grew apart and are now merely aquaintances.

2. The forgotten friend: This friend is the one we often fail to acknowledge. They are usually there for us but don't always talk to us everyday, hang out with us, or give us stuff. They do, however, give us their steady friendship and their steady ear. They are always there for us even though we usually forget it. For example, I have a friend named Truffular Tia. She lets others know what she thinks about me and her other friends she is so close to. She is always willing to listen. She left our area for a while, and then came back. I think it is tough for her though because many people have forgotten how good she was to them. I know I have. This is to Tia, the forgotten friend, but a very good friend indeed. May I never ever forget her.

3. The Best friend: These guys have got us out of tight spots, and we do the same for them. Many times we feel that they are our siblings. They are there for us almost always. They know how to help us feel better and can cut us very deep. For example, I have a friend named Delicate Daisy who once was my best friend. I told her everything, we did super things together. Then she met Spirited Woman through a super boy named Geoffrey of Butterfingers. She hurts me deeply often and I will always feel a deep love and friendship for her, no matter how many times she hurts me. I also have a friend name Harry the hamburger. He has been my friend for many many years and will always be, I hope.

4. The Fake friend: Though there are many sub categories of each of these friends, this is the last I will discuss. A fake friend is someone who is your friend because it is expected. Often you will be a very real friend to them, but they will not be very good friends to you. They use you and then spit you out. For example (last example, I promise!), I once thought spirited woman was one of my best friends. But over the years she has shown her mean face, through actions and words, but then will hide it behind a just kidding. Though I still want to be her friend, she is often not very good to me.

Now there is only one thing to do with this information. Be the best friend not the fake friend. Be a friend you would want to have. Be happy, and love your friends, no matter what type they are. When you get through life and you have nothing else, you can still have friends and a winning personality. One kind of friend I didn't mention is the missed friend. This is also for Alicia, who I love dearly and hardly see though we are currently at the same academy. Best of luck in your friendships.


Anonymous said...

Skittlesboy, that was so cool! I love how well organized you had it.

Anonymous said...

Seriously sweet! I nearly teared up just reading it. You have a way of wording your thoughts that makes it interesting to read, although maybe you should work on making it flow a little bit better. At points, it is rather stiff and formal with smoother parts around it.

Alicia said...

I loved that. I have lately been experiencing a lot of the today friends, and you worded my feelings perfectly. I've missed seeing you too. I love your hugs though, they make my day.

Phaser said...

So, what hass everyone's favorite super hero been up to lately? What astounding thing have you done in the last month or so?

Phaser said...


Alicia said...

Have you fallen off the edge of the earth?! Please email me!!